Infused Face Masks – Box of 12

$ 39.95

For years we struggled with applying essential oils to tissues and placing them under our pillow case, only to find them shredded into tiny pieces in the wash. Introducing an innovative and much easier way to inhale essential oils – without the mess and exclusive to Sleep Sanctuary.


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What: A non-woven fabric mask shaped like your face, infused with soothing and calming essential oils of lavender, sweet marjoram, mandarin and bergamot. Pure aromatherapy…pure bliss.

To use: Simply unwrap and unfold the mask and apply over your face. Now lie back and breathe in the sweet, relaxing aromas. Sweet dreams. Sleep Sanctuary’s infused face masks are also great to use during meditation, for complete and utter relaxation.

Packaging: Available in a beautiful gift box, containing 12 individually wrapped sachets for your convenience.

Please Note: This product is not recommended for children or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please consult your health practitioner for further advice.