French Pear 4 Wick Candle

$ 65.00

This amazing pear fragrance originating from France, is sweet, rich and intoxicating.

This huge 4 wick candle holds 1050g of soy wax, it is sure to make a statement in any room.

Hint – To get the most out of your Sleep Sanctuary candle burn for 1-4 hours at a time and trimĀ each wick before each lighting.

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Light up a beautiful room with these Sleep Sanctuary aromatic soy candles, perfect for relaxation in the evenings to help anyone breathe easy after a long day.

Our candles are 100% naturally made and hand-poured in Australia with our signature soy wax blend and are ensured to be clean-burning, providing a healthy and tranquil atmosphere to help anyone breathe easier.

To help you get the best out of your Sleep Sanctuary candle, be sure to trim the cotton wick so the flame will last, allowing you to relax for longer and to enjoy the beautiful fragrance surrounding you.

To bring a little serenity into your home, make sure to buy your own Sleep Sanctuary soy wax candle today!

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