Cashmere Eye Cocoon

$ 29.95

When Vogue says, “Vogue loves Sleep Sanctuary’s cashmere eye cocoon…”, or Donna Hay puts in on her ‘needs, wants and must-haves’ list you know you’ve found a luxurious sleep accessory worth loving! We’ve all been there before – trying to get to sleep while your partner insists on reading under a bright light. We’ve come up with the perfect solution – an eye mask that is so luxurious we’ve called it a cashmere eye cocoon.

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What: A luxurious black cashmere front covering ensures you look and feel fabulous. An inside layer of soft black satin caresses your face while also blocking out light. The flat elastic strap ensures the mask won’t slip off your head, while also providing comfort. One size fits all

To use: Place the eye cocoon to your face and adjust the elastic so it fits firmly across the back of your head. To keep your eye cocoon smelling sweet, spritz the eye cocoon with our slumber mist.

Packaging: Comes packaged in a sweet satin drawstring bag, to protect and care for your delicate cashmere eye cocoon.

Dry Clean Only.