Bedtime Blend

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Because we’re multi-tasking people, we appreciate multi-use products. The perfect product for your sleep sanctuary is Sleep Sanctuary’s exclusive ¬†calming essential oil blend, used for multiple applications from the bed to the bath.¬† Burn it in an oil burner or dab a few drops on a tissue or your pillow case, and slip away into slumber.

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What: A harmonious blend of lavender, sweet marjoram, mandarin and bergamot essential oils, designed to create a relaxing bedtime sanctuary. It’s pure aromatherapy, for a pure night’s sleep. General properties of the essential oils used in our Bedtime Blend:

Lavender: The soothing scent of lavender is said to be calming, healing and harmonising. It is generally recommended to help relieve insomnia, stress and mild anxiety. It’s also helpful for the temporary relief of mild headaches.

Sweet marjoram: Its woody aroma is described as warming and comforting. Sometimes described as ‘the oil of sleep’, sweet marjoram may provide temporary relief from insomnia, stress and nervous tension.

Bergamot: The happy, joyous and light aroma of bergamot is like smelling a bunch of flowers. Its sweet scent is said to be good in times of stress, relieving mild anxiety and stress.

Mandarin: Just like the fruit, this oil is full of goodness! Mandarin is said to be cheerful and refreshing, helping to relieve mild anxiety and insomnia. It’s also beneficial for the digestive system.

To use: Add 3 -9 drops to an essential oil burner to sweetly scent a room or for the ultimate pre-bedtime treat, add a maximum of 20 drops to a warm bath. Please remember to always dilute essential oils with at least one tablespoon of carrier or dispersing oil to prevent direct contact with skin.

Packaging: 10mL glass bottle

Please Note: This product is not recommended for children or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please consult your health practitioner for further advice.